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What we do

We care deeply about business. Our aim therefore is to purchase profitable companies with revenues between £1M and £5M from owner managers who are looking to sell as a way to exit the business.

If you are looking to sell a business or are interested in becoming an equity partner to get a good return on your investment, contact us today for a no obligation chat. Discretion guaranteed.

Do you want to sell your business?

Ready for a lifestyle change?

If you need a change in pace or believe it’s time to do something different we can help you make the transition

Want to spend more time with family?

As a business owner you might be sacrificing valuable time with the family. How would you feel if we gave you back these precious moments?

Fancy more vacations?

Finding time for a holiday is hard when you run a business. If someone else was in control, however, a luxury break becomes as easy as a walk in the park

our expertise

quick execution

In the fast paced world of business speed is necessary to take advantage of great opportunities. That's why we pride ourselves on a fast efficient service when it comes to buying businesses or increasing their enterprise value

finding value

With our experience and knowledge we know how to find great value where ordinarily it might be missed. Our due diligence process allows us to analyse companies in great detail giving us the confidence in our investment decisions

operational improvements

Tracking down areas of a business that can be improved to us is equivalent to mining for gold. We therefore analyse a business in depth to see where it could be more efficient and then take the necessary steps to enhance operations. This in turn improves the bottom line

About Us

Barrett Ventures owns and manages successful commercial ventures based in the UK. Our portfolio includes tech, property and fitness with a view to increase this portfolio across multiple sectors to create diversity amongst our investments.


Our success is driven by our team’s expertise in identifying great companies that can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of managing and growing companies to enhance their earning potential and increase shareholder value.

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