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We want to buy your business at a fair price leaving you to enjoy your freedom and reap the benefits of the hard work you have put in over the years

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How can we help you sell your business?

We are a team of like minded individuals that are highly passionate about growing businesses. Our goal is to buy profitable businesses and apply our knowledge and expertise, to not only carry on the hard work of the previous owner, but to also scale the business as efficiently as possible.


We therefore look to agree a sale price that makes sense for both parties and put a succession plan in place that helps with a smooth transition over to us as the new owners.

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IS selling the right thing to do?

Every business owner has a different situation. We would not advise anyone to sell unless it was in their best interest and they fully appreciate what it would mean going forward. We firstly like to a have a confidential discussion about what it is you have in mind and find out if selling your business is really the best course of action.

Am I ready to sell my business?

You have done an excellent job running your business up until now but you have probably realised that you can’t keep doing this forever.

  • Having to comply with all the regulations that keep changing
  • Thinking about the security of your staff and the clients
  • Marketing to attract new clients
  • Having to manage client expectations as well as the staff
  • Training new staff to ensure they can do the best job
  • Dealing with every crisis that comes up

Having bought run businesses ourselves we know the stress involved. We also know, at times, all this hard work can become overwhelming and cause you to feel less than motivated.

If you feel that you could use a hand in helping to lighten the load, we can help.

FAQ's about selling your business

How long does it take?

Multiple factors dictate the length of a sale so it can be anywhere between as little as 1 month to as long as 4 months. We are happy to move as quickly as the situation demands but it will ultimately come down to each party playing their part to move the sale along.

What documents do I need?

Initially we may ask for the last 3 years worth of financial statements that an accountant has produced and where applicable a set of management accounts. We are also likely to ask for any reports or valuations done on the home itself. This allows us to determine a valuation for the business so we know what a fair price would be.

What if I change my mind?

You are free to change your mind at any stage in the process and we won't hold it against you. Once we are at the later stages, however, fees will be incurred and we only think it's fair that any party that drops out once these fees have been paid should subsidise these.

Can it be kept confidential?

We deal with every sale with the highest level of confidentiality. We would both sign Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) which protect both parties from sharing sensitive information.

What kind of price can I get?

We value the business based on two criteria: 1) the value of the assets and 2) the value of the earnings of the business. A typical offer would be in the region of the near full value of the business assets plus a 2-4x multiple of the earnings of the business

How do I hand over?

We like the previous owners to stay on as consultants for an agreed period of time. This is a paid consultancy period which allows us to knowledge transfer and ensures a smooth transition when dealing with employees as well as other operational matters.

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